For a better browsing experience we recommend browsing on the desktop version THE IFB8 IS THE FIRST 1/8 NITRO ENGINE BUGGY PLATFORM DEVELOPED BY TEAM INFINITY IFB8 is the chosen name for the first buggy model in the INFINITY brand line-up of competition RC vehicles. The design and development of this model have been meticulously crafted over many months by our racing department, with the sole aim of providing end-users with the best possible combination of competitive use and ease of maintenance.
Since the release of our first on-road model eight years ago, we have always strived to introduce innovations that guarantee enthusiasts added value straight out of the box: competitiveness, ease of use, and high durability.
Setting ourselves apart in the 1/8 buggy sector wasn't easy; we delved into the competitive realm of full-scale cars, searching for technical solutions that could be applied to the "scale" world. Some might call it a revolution, but truly it just took some courage.
The courage to introduce a solution like the double wishbone system with unique adjustability at the front end of our model to optimize suspension response on all surfaces, providing excellent handling that's hard to achieve with current on trend technical solutions.
The courage to opt for a “piston style” brake system to enhance braking efficiency and maintain consistency over long periods of time. As tracks evolve, this aspect has become crucial to the overall balance of a model's performance.
The courage to approach our project unconventionally, like the solution of connecting the suspensions directly to the chassis.; it would have been all too easy to adopt and follow solutions already tried by others. We've taken our company philosophy to the level we hoped to achieve: fresh ideas, well-developed, and above all, not just for show, but as a solid foundation for our customers' weekend enjoyment.

Have fun!
360° TOUR GALLERY GALLERY DWS (Double Wishbone System) The Double Wishbone system is widely used in the automotive industry for its independent wheel movement, which enhances handling, stability, and ride comfort. This sophisticated system effectively controls vertical movement, manages forces during braking, acceleration, and cornering, and allows for precise tuning of suspension geometry, influencing driving characteristics. Its design minimizes the effect of one wheel's motion on the other, contributing to improved traction and reduced body roll during cornering. To achieve high reliability and optimal geometry, the lower suspension arm has been carefully shaped with a unique form. 1 2 3 CSM (Chassis Suspension Mount) Independent suspension mounts anchored directly to the chassis, rather than to the gearbox, ensure ease of maintenance and smoother transmission with the CSM system. The system is further enhanced by user-friendly gearboxes that offer easy access to the differential, allowing for quick oil grade replacement. Composite eccentric bushings allow for adjustment of front kick-up, as well as rear anti-squat and toe. Using the molded spacers, it's also possible to easily vary the rear roll centers to adapt the model to any condition and surface. 1 2 3 4 WHA (Wheel Hub Adjustment) The Wheel Hub Adjustment System (WHA) allows for adjusting the height of the wheel hub in relation to the front suspension structure. By using specially designed spacers on the pivot pins, the steering characteristics of the vehicle can be quickly varied while maintaining optimal balance. This system provides the flexibility to fine-tune the steering response and optimize handling based on specific track conditions or driving preferences. The servo saver integrates the steering angle stopper (32° & 35°) on the steering rack and is equipped with a composite accessory to allow for the adjustment of the spring with a 17mm wrench. 1 2 3 PBT (Piston Brake Technology) For the first time on a buggy, piston brake technology is applied. This system enhances brake modularity by providing more consistent performance compared to traditional camme based systems. The piston's contact surface with the pads is significantly larger than the rotating cammes. Coupled with high-efficiency brake pads and steel discs for optimal response, it ensures highly manageable braking in all conditions, while also guaranteeing resistance to fading even over long distances. The position of the linkage has been studied to achieve maximum overall effectiveness with considerable ease of adjustment. 1 2 3 S-Duct Intake - Dual Stage Oval Filter It conveys the concept of an intake system that incorporates an S-shaped duct to enhance air volume and facilitate efficient flow to the manifold, stabilizing pressure and optimizing airflow through the engine carburettor. The high air filter volume and rapid passage through the intake system contribute to improved engine’s performance and fuel efficiency. It’s combined with a two- stage foam filter with an oval shape. The external foam shape design is specifically engineered to extend the filtering surface area, thereby maximizing filtration effectiveness, particularly in demanding and heavy conditions. The dual-stage filtration process ensures that both larger particles and finest dust are efficiently blocked, resulting in enhanced engine protection and improved overall performance. 1 2 3 PBM (Precision Bar Movement) Our PBM system ensures unmatched accuracy and smooth operation, anchoring stabilizer bars to the gearbox with precision ball bearings. Each bar size is meticulously engraved onto the steel wire, complemented by horizontal reference marks for stopper placement, guaranteeing precise component setup. The perfect alignment of the bar relative to the suspension arm ensures movement free from unwanted torsional motions, delivering a seamless driving experience. With three front stiffness options (2.0-2.2-2.4) and three rear options (2.4-2.6-2.8), customization is key to tailoring your ride to perfection. 1 2 3 4 FRONT UPPER ARM The front upper suspension arm has been designed to allow adjustment of key parameters even with the wheels mounted; for example, camber can be adjusted by loosening the screw embedded in the arm and replacing spacers to change the total length. The position on the shock tower is maintained by an easily extractable eccentric bushing towards the front. The arm pivots on the upper pin using steel bushings to ensure maximum precision and smooth movement. 1 2 3 RADIO TRAY The radio plate has been designed for easy removal from the top by simply removing 6 screws. The receiver box includes all the accessories needed to accommodate the latest generation RC4 transponders on the cover and to ensure connection with the battery pack in the preferred manner. Inserts are available to accommodate direct contact between the plugs or the mechanical switch, as well as the plate for the electronic switch. 5 1 2 3 4 FUEL TANK The fuel tank has been meticulously engineered and designed to ensure optimal engine performance. Equipped with a quick-release strap for fast refuelling during races, it features notches to monitor fuel consumption after each run without needing to remove the fuel blend. In fact, lines are highlighted on the top of the tank, each representing 5cc of remaining fuel when the model is positioned vertically with the nose pointing downwards. 1 2 3 DIFFERENTIALS The differentials have been engineered to achieve optimal traction without compromising the overall smooth running of the model. The bevel gears are slightly helical to prevent harmful jolts during acceleration or deceleration, which can lead to premature component wear. The pinion features two sections with different sizes of ball bearings to optimize structural integrity within the gearbox. Satellite gears are guided by an anti-rotation cross shaft to prevent wear on the diff housing. The outdrives are identical for all diffs to minimize the need for replacement parts. 1 2 3 SHOCK ABSORBERS The shock absorbers have been meticulously designed with the clear objective of ensuring consistent ground contact during motion. The hard-anodized shock body withstands wear and ensures optimal piston movement at all times. With a 4mm shaft, they can endure the toughest impacts, while the provided cap allows for the use of either a bladder/diaphragm or emulsion system. 1 2 3 DISCOVER MORE ON TRANSMISSION AND PARTS DISCOVER MORE ON NEWS AND SPECS VIEW PICS VIEW PICS DOWNLOAD